Waupaca Christian Academy is a Christ-centered school dedicated to offering a complete education to its students.  WCA strives to provide a strong mental, physical, and spiritual educational program.  Christian values are promoted in all aspects of school life, from the basketball games to the curriculum that is taught.  These Christian values and principles, in conjunction with our academic programs, provide the best opportunity for graduates to be successful in their post-high school endeavors.

Students are taught to read and write by means of phonics.  Hands on learning is emphasized to improve fine motor skills.


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Students will be able to read and write upon Kindergarten graduation. Students are encouraged to work together and master simple educational concepts.  


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With Christ-centered learning, students are taught mathematics, science, history, language, spelling, and reading.  Extra-curricular courses such as art, gym, drama, and foreign language are incorporated as well.


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Students further their critical thinking skills with higher level learning questions and projects. Students are equipped with academic achievement and spiritual understanding to better prepare them for the future.  


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WCA is accredited through the Wisconsin Association of Christian School (WACS). WACS is a member of the American Association of Christian School (AACS).